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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an agent?
An agent is any member of your team with an own login to coview. You can add or remove agents at any time. During the free trial you can add as many agents to your team as you wish for free.
What is a project?
Every project is linked to one website. You can have as many projects and email domains in your coview account as you wish. You can invite your agents to any project.
Do I need to buy a license for everyone in my team?
NO - only the team members communicating directly with your customers (your customer service agents) need their own coview login. Your developers can open shared session recordings and analyse the page and its code without having their own coview login.
What does "early launch discount" mean?
For a limited period of time we offer a permanent discount to any team that registers during the early launch phase. License prices currently start at just 15€ monthly per agent.